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Our Vision

Noel Park Primary School - ‘The Best We Can Be’ 

Vision Statement


Noel Park Primary School aims to create an outstanding establishment which has a safe and secure environment that is also caring, stimulating and well-organised for the benefit of all staff and pupils alike.

 The academy will aim to ensure there are equal opportunities for all children for them to reach their full potential.


At Noel Park, we aim to achieve our vision through;


o      Providing good role models

o      Reinforcing positive behaviour management policies and having high expectations

o      Valuing all our children

o      Having a well organised and balanced curriculum and very high standards of teaching and learning

o      Providing additional support in a variety of ways for children who may need more help than others and those who need to be extended further

o      Increasing global, cultural and religious awareness and valuing our community languages

o      Building good relationships with pupils and their families in order for them to be involved in the life and development of the academy

o      Valuing the diverse nature of our community and encouraging all of use to learn from each other


Our top 3 Values;

·      Excellence - The Best We Can Be

·      Equality

·      Respect

Outstanding in Attainment and Achievement

Outstanding in Teaching and Learning

Outstanding in Behaviour, Safety and Diversity

Outstanding in Leadership

Please click on the attachment below to see the Noel Park Primary School Vision Statement, environment and priorities

David Atter

Executive Principal

Christina Walker,
16 Apr 2015, 07:59