Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented at Noel Park

At Noel Park, we pride our self in that we endeavour to provide the best opportunities for all pupils in our school. We provide personalised learning which help to stretch pupils to their true potential. We have over 50 pupils in our Gifted and Talented register. We place emphasis on personalised learning and providing for every child, this in turn creates positives outcomes for all pupils. We match lessons to the needs of all our pupils to make sure they are all fully challenged.

It is our priority to identify and nurture Gifted and Talented pupils. We are in the process of fully engaging parents and carers of Gifted and Talented pupils within our register. We will be welcoming their input and working together to create a conducive environment both at home and school to help stretch the Gifted and Talented pupils and create opportunities for them within the local community. We believe this will create the best possible experience for the pupils.

How do we identify Gifted and Talented pupils?

 Gifted and Talented pupils are those pupils who are working above their expected academic levels. They are those with the ability or potential to develop significantly ahead of their peers in one or more subjects:

         -          “Gifted” pupils are those with exceptional abilities in one or more academic subjects.

-          “Talented” pupils are those who have practical skills in such areas as sport, music, design or creative and drama.


What to do if you believe your child is Gifted or Talented

 If you believe that your child is gifted or talented, you should speak to the child’s class teacher or the Principal. You should try to provide evidence to back your belief. The class teacher or the Principal will help you to get your child in the register and suggest activities you could do with the child at home.