Maths Intervention

My child has difficulties with learning and literacy.


This can include:

         Reading and spelling

         Learning new information and concepts

         Working with numbers

         Working memory


         Children may have conditions such as Specific Learning Difficulties, dyslexia, general learning difficulties, AD(H)D, Fragile X, Down Syndrome..

         Children may present with difficulties that do not have a specific title


What can Noel Park offer?


All pupils at Noel Park can access

         Quality First teaching with appropriate differentiation (including best SEN practice).

         Visual aids to support key vocabulary, concepts and themes.

         Access to homework support clubs 

         A range of interventions

         Accelerated Reader Programme

         Access to assessment for identification of significant needs.

         Dedicated and caring staff who value all children regardless of ability.


Support for targeted groups of students may include


Blocks of 1:1 small group lessons that focus on a range of needs such as Comprehension, Spelling, Reading, Handwriting and Mathematics

Small Group Nurture provision 

Where needed, help from an external agency (e.g. Educational Psychologist).

Teaching Assistant support in some lessons and in interventions 

Targeted before and after school clubs for vulnerable students


Targeted individual support many include


Where needed, help from an external agency (e.g. Educational Psychologist).

Termly testing for pupils with literacy difficulties to review and plan.

External agency advice where needed.

*Please note: These options need to be agreed upon for each pupil in conjunction with parents/carers and then regularly reviewed/modified.